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SEBASTIAN RECUPERARI incurs all costs involved in the recovery procedures, even when a trial before the courts of law or of arbitration is required (judicial stamp feed, fees of legal receivers, travel costs, attorney fees etc.), practicing a variable and negotiable success commission, which will only be paid upon the actual recovery. The level of the success commissions depends on the size and age of the debt, as well as on the negotiations between us and you.

The relationships between us and the customers are government by a mandate contract for the recovery of debts, which can be a frame-contract – for all debts to be recovered or simple – for each separate case.

The debt recovery activity is performed according to internal specific procedures, which imply at least stress notifications, direct phone contact, visit at the social or actual headquarters of the debtors by means of our own field agents, as well as legal procedures in the courts of law or arbitration.

In the stage when the civil or criminal legal procedures are started, we use the attorney services of “IOAN STROEA” ATTORNEY CABINET, details regarding this organization being available at www.consultantajuridica.ro.

For a customized offer for the debt recovery/collection activity, please contact us.

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