We offer high-quality accounting services; we have low fees; we have experience in working with the customers; we have experience in the relationship with the state authorities; we have a working algorithm adaptable for each separate customer; we have many customers, whose activity covers almost fully the NADE CODE; we can help you for other administrative activities, as well; we have fiscal optimization solutions.

  • Drafting of accounting records (monthly verification balances, semester and annual accounting balance sheet);
  • Drafting of accounting reports;
  • Calculation of taxes owed to the state, including drafting the payment orders afferent to them;
  • Drafting the fiscal declarations required by law (declaration 100, 101, 300, 390, 394 etc.);
  • Drafting intra-state declarations;
  • Drafting declarations to the Environment Fund;
  • Elaboration of other reports requested by the company, both in Romanian and in English;
  • Analysis and recording of customers and/or suppliers;
  • Calculation and recording of the amortization of fixed assets
  • Registration in the Register of Intra-communitarian Operators

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