Debt Recovery
Incurs all costs involved in the recovery procedures, even when a trial before the courts of law or of arbitration is required.
Vehicle Recovery
The activity of vehicle recovery is a service destined mainly for the leasing companies.
Debt Collection
The integrated CREDIT CONTROL/CREDIT MANAGEMENT services are addressed to trading companies with a large invoice volume.
Accounting Services
We offer high-quality accounting services; we have low fees; we have experience in working with the customers; we have experience in the relationship with the state authorities.
RCA Compensation
Are you the victim of a traffic accident? SEBASTIAN RECUPERARI helps you obtain the compensations due to you!
Debt Purchase
In certain conditions, you can transform your debt in rapid liquidities, by resorting to our debt purchase services. The purchase percentages may vary between 15- 85%.

About Us

SEBASTIAN RECUPERARI is a professional debt recovery agency, whatever the nature of the debt, which aims to a different approach of the debt collection/recovery activity, in the sense of using all legal means in effect which target the collection of debts, doubled by real, in the field verification, of the debtor companies. These methods make out stand out on the profile market as being a real debt recovery agency, with notable results.

To these relevant, we believe, qualities, we added for our own customers the advantage of our agency incurring all costs afferent to the recovery procedures (judicial stamp feed, fees of legal receivers, travel costs etc.), as a guarantee of the fact that we are fully involved in the cases entrusted to us for settlement. Thus, our partners benefit freely of a full assistance package: legal consultancy and court representation attorney services, national and west-European coverage, private detectives, financial analysts, legal receivers.

IF WE CANNOT DO IT, NOBODY CAN! It is a conclusion verified in more than 10 years of experience in the field of debt recovery in Romania, experience that we invite you to use!

The transmission of litigious files to our company is done by courier or e-mail or the files are taken by our couriers directly from your headquarters. A pre-analysis of the files is performed, within which we verify the real possibility of recovery, and if our result is positive, a contract is signed, through which you give us a mandate to run the debt recovery legal procedures.

In certain conditions, you can transform your debt in rapid liquidities, by resorting to the factoring services offered. However, be careful, the debts are purchased by our company at the moment of invoicing and not after the due date. The purchase percentages may very between 15- 85%.

SEBASTIAN RECUPERARI offers diverse services, which cover the entire range of company needs: operating document changes with the Trade Register, economic and legal consultancy, accounting services, assistance throughout the insolvency procedure, obtaining rapid financing, assistance in obtaining all approvals or licenses.

About Us

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